Sundara Karma spend ‘One Last Night On This Earth’ on new single


Sundara Karma have unveiled details of forthcoming album ‘Ulfilas’ Alphabet’, along with releasing new single ‘One Last Night On This Earth’.

The new track from their sophomore album premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, with the group also revealing details about an an extensive UK 2019 tour.

A dazzling ride exploding with joyful abandon, the song immediately signalled another quantum leap forward for the Reading four-piece.

Listen to ‘One Last Night On Earth’ by Sundara Karma on the Official Fantasy Premier League Music Playlist on Spotify.

Steeped in science fiction imagery beautifully filtered through everyday emotional heft, ‘One Last Night On This Earth’ shows frontman Oscar Pollock’s songwriting continue to develop far beyond his years – a style that’s playful, yet never superficial, and unveils hidden depths on repeat visits.

‘One Last Night On This Earth’ is the second glimpse from the forthcoming album ‘Ulfilas’ Alphabet’. Already unveiled last month, the album’s opening salvo ‘Illusions’ is a wonderfully twisted, psyched out groove that hints at the broad sonic textures waiting within ‘Ulfilas’ Alphabet’.

Speaking of ‘One Last Night On This Earth’, frontman Oscar Pollock says: “Normally I’ll have a batch of ideas and I’ll chip away at them for months until something emerges but for this song I was fortunate enough to have that moment where everything fell into place.

“I wanted to write a song about an extra-terrestrial who’s been sent to Earth to observe human interaction. The being’s mission is to find an emotion that their species has never felt before but it ends up finding nothing, until it falls in love the night before it has to leave and realises, ‘ahh this is the trick, this is the game we haven’t been playing’”

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