Berlin based Producer/DJ Superlover drops interpretation of ‘Whoomp!’


Superlover delivers a rambunctious, nostalgia-infused rendition of Tag Team’s ‘Whoomp! There It Is’, titled ‘Whoomp!’.

Touching down on Armada Music for his label debut, the DJ and producer supports the iconic vocals with thick bass steps and radiant piano chords, this contemporary edit brings out the best in clubbers worldwide.

Berlin-based producer and DJ Superlover has been consistently on the rise since launching his project in 2011. His steady stream of releases have ruled house dancefloors globally.

Listen to ‘Whoomp!’ by Superlover on the Official Premier League Training Playlist on Spotify.

Superlover, aka Ferri Borbás, who was working previously under the moniker M_Ferri, is a producer and DJ from Berlin. He is also founder and manager of Berlin labels Kassette and Autist, making a mark on the city’s music scene since 2006.

Born and raised in German capital, after the fall of the Wall he embraced the budding techno culture that shaped the country in the 1990s. His early productions mirrored the influences of the raw and industrial techno sound.

His sonic trademark is deeply embedded in house music and its sub-genres. He draws his influences from the likes of DJ Sneak, Ian Pooley, and later Daft Punk and their associated artists like Alan Braxe, Cassius, Fred Falke, and Etienne de Crecy.

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