Teen Grime MC Yizzy drops new ‘BAP’ track


Eighteen-year-old London grime MC Yizzy launches new single ‘BAP’ – and you can listen to it now on the Fantasy Premier League Playlist.

Produced by genre iconoclast Maniac, ‘BAP’ is a call to arms to the rest of the scene, a gauntlet thrown down to culture vultures, and a testament to Yizzy’s authenticity to the genre that birthed him.

Complete with 8-bit synths, call-and-response vocals and high intensity percussion, Yizzy assaults the instrumental with an arsenal of flows, recreating the live grime experience with ferocity. A rare blast of pure, unadulterated grime in 2018, on ‘BAP’ Yizzy looks to the sounds of the past to create a path for the genre’s future.

Yizzy’s forthcoming EP ‘S.O.S.’ is a mission statement to pledge his allegiance to the forefathers of grime. Living his life on exactly the same timeline as the genre’s expansion and subsequent explosion into the public consciousness, Yizzy was born at the same time as pioneers Heartless Crew and Pay As U Go were revolutionising stages and radio sets; ingraining their culture into him from birth.

Standing for ‘Save Our Sound’, ‘S.O.S.’ holds up next to grime’s definitive records, with culturally significant figures such as Terror Danjah, DOK, Maniac, Swifta Beater and Lewi White lending their legendary sounds and effectively passing the torch to Yizzy.


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