The Prodigy aim to ‘Light Up The Sky’ with latest explosive single


‘Light Up The Sky’ is the new single from The Prodigy, the second track to be lifted from the band’s much-anticipated seventh studio album, ‘No Tourists’ (out November 2).

The band has also confirmed details of a 20 date winter tour, which includes two nights at London’s Alexandra Palace.

‘Light Up The Sky’ without doubt illuminates the urgency and danger that has continually defined The Prodigy throughout their career, an attack of acid rock in which guitars combine with 303 mayhem, Maxim’s spitting vocal and an uplifting chorus from long-time contributor Brother Culture.

Listen to ‘Light Up The Sky’ by The Prodigy on the official Fantasy Premier League Music playlist on Spotify.

Following returning track ‘Need Some1’‘Light Up The Sky’ is a visceral introduction to the world of ‘No Tourists’: an album that takes you on a journey through the twisted, party-hard psych of a band that has resolutely followed their own route through the underbelly of popular culture since day one. It’s every inch a Prodigy record and it’s their most direct, concise and pure statement yet.

The Prodigy, after all, have never taken the lazy tourist route. They dominated the illegal rave scene, challenged anti-rave legislation and redefined the whole idea of what a band should be like.

They brought UK electronic music to the US heartland, turning metal kids onto raving and ravers into metalhead. Reaching global audiences without compromise, they’ve achieved six No.1 albums, 30 million record sales, and multiple honours (two Brits, two Kerrang! awards, five MTV awards and two Grammy nominations).

The Prodigy July 2018 credit Matthias Hombauer & The Prodigy

‘No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed and not to follow that easy set path,” explains Liam Howlett in his North London studio. “In these times we live in people have become lazier and forgotten how to explore.

“Too many people are allowing themselves to be force fed, with whatever that may be. It’s about reaching out further to find another alternative route where the danger and excitement may be to feel more alive, not accepting that you can just be a tourist. That’s what the title is about for us.”

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