Tom Fleming shares first single from One True Pairing project


Former Wild Beasts songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Fleming is back with a new project, One True Pairing.

Today, he shares the first song from his new guise, ‘One True Pairing’. Amidst discordant guitar and aggressive synth, Fleming’s inimitable voice calls out: “And I’m not some kind of white knight, I was burning all my hope and all my life”.

Explaining the moniker, Fleming says: “It’s a name taken from internet fan fiction, where you write the perfect relationship you always wished existed. The idea of Prince Charming and Helpless Princess living happily after is no fun at all”.

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This idea and the expanding themes – male identity, class, taste – are the cornerstones of One True Pairing, “I wanted to write about the real world,” asserts Fleming. “This is a song about hope, about getting beaten down and getting up again, more wide-eyed and full of wonder than you ever were before.

“It’s about doing wrong and then seeing things for what they really are. It’s a love song, or as close as I’ll ever want to get to one. The name of the whole project is something of a savage joke, but this time I mean it 100% sincerely. Wear the scars proudly, wave ‘em in the faces of people who don’t, will never understand what they mean.”

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