Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes share title track from ‘What Kinda Music’ album


Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes have released ‘What Kinda Music’, the title track from their collaborative record set for release on April 24.

Even though the fundamental bones of this project came together very quickly, its actual provenance stretches back much, much farther back, with the pair not only growing up in the same area of South East London, but Misch actually seeing Dayes play on drums in the school talent show for the first time when he was roughly 8 or 9.

They both kept tabs on each other – Misch becoming a fan of Dayes’ act Yussef Kamaal, Dayes clocking his videos in 2014 –but it was only when they met at a launch party for Misch’s debut LP Geography in 2018 that the proverbial creative sparks began to fly.

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“As a musician you’re always looking for contemporaries who can push you and challenge you and make you better”, says Dayes. “I instantly felt that with Tom –he was such a gifted musician, and so prolific”.

That summer they decided to go into the studio together, jam a little, and see what happens, with no other expectation placed upon it.

And in ‘What Kinda Music’ you can sense the DNA of both musicians fusing so effortlessly and beautifully that it creates something else entirely, the appropriately named ‘Lift Off’ sending goosebumps with its jazz flecked crescendo, and ‘Night Rider’ hypnotising with its deeply mesmeric grooves.

“I have a love for harmony and chords”, Misch adds. “Working with someone like Yussef, who has such a gifted sense of rhythm allowed a perfect balance”.

Throughout the record, there is an utterly joyful feel of two musicians at the top of their game sparking off one another, picking up ideas and running with them, zigging where the other zags and ebbing where the other flows, with Misch producing the majority of the record and both having a hand in the overall sound and feel of the record.

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