Tom Odell shares emotional ballad ‘lose you again’ from forthcoming record


Brit and Ivor Novello award winning songwriter Tom Odell has released his new single ‘lose you again’ on Columbia Records.

After a dark period of mental health stalked most of his 2018 and ’19, Tom Odell wrote his way through it, eventually letting down his guard and pouring his feelings into new music that will form his fourth album, monsters, due to be released July 9.

The next single to be taken from the new album is ‘lose you again’. This fragile, heart-breaking piano ballad is balanced subtly within a contemporary production. The song pores over a fractured relationship and rails at the stoicism that bleeds out of men being afraid to show their feelings. Tom says of the single, “i wrote this song in a guitar shop in boston. it’s big and tragic and i love it.”

Listen to ‘lose you again’ by Tom Odell on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotfy.

Tom Odell has been working as a musician in the public eye since he was 21 when self-penned debut album Long Way Down earned him a #1 album. He has since enjoyed over 2.6 billion streams, three UK top 5 albums, a 2013 Brit Award for Critic’s Choice and being awarded the prestigious Ivor Novello award for Songwriter of the Year.

Now, 30, it’s clear to Odell that the whirlwind around his debut kickstarted a work ethic that eventually became an obsession It reached an apex in September 2019 when Odell, fresh off touring previous record Jubilee Road, went straight to LA to start writing the next album.

Odell says that, “…this chronic anxiety that I’d had for a couple of years just got worse”. He woke up one morning “and I couldn’t do anymore music”. He knew something had to change.  In the end he flew back home, went straight to his parent’s house and slowly got better. Slowly but surely, Odell alchemised that experience into new album, ‘monster’.

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