Trailer Trash Tracys Launch ‘Eden Machine’


Trailer Trash Tracys have shared the video to‘Eden Machine’, now on our Spotify Shoot Music – New Releases Playlist.  

Taken from their upcoming album ‘Althaea’ – released August 11 – ‘Eden Machine’ and the other nine esoteric tracks are the sunning results of a band continuing their investigations into the farther flung reaches of pop music.

‘Althaea’ sees the London duo drift further afield from traditional song structures to create a new aural lexicon of their own, one as influenced by Filipino carnival music and Latin rhythms as it was by Japanese tropical music from the 80s.

Even at Trailer Trash Tracy’s most outwardly pop – the pristine ‘Eden Machine’ for instance, or the swooning ‘Kalesa’, there is a baroque splendour, and heightened sensuality. The interplay of light and dark, the foreign and the familiar, brings forth an album with manifold pleasures, one which rewards repeated listening and further exploration.

Their critically acclaimed debut, ‘Ester’, released in 2012, manifested the band’s approach to making music as a fine balance between chaos and order, laying out a dense and dreamlike ecosystem of Sufi poetry, Solfeggio scales and, floating above it all, Susanne Aztoria’s otherworldly yet emotionally charged vocals.

Early tracks such as ‘Strangling Good Guys’ and ‘You Wish You Were Red’ proved to be outliers – rather than simply making lo-fi dream pop, the band were instead aiming for something far more subconscious and esoteric.

The duo are also to perform 20 dates in the UK and Europe over September and October – of which tickets are still available.


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