Two Door Cinema Club share third single from ‘False Alarm’ record


Two Door Cinema Club have released ‘Dirty Air’, the third single taken from their fourth studio album False Alarm, out June 21 via Prolifica Inc [PIAS].

The track was unveiled as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 last week, with the band also playing on her Radio 1 Future Sounds show.

The smog-clogged disco rock of ‘Dirty Air’ sees lustily prowling a ruined city’s dancefloors, posing through the ecological collapse: “The sky is falling, so pull up a chair”. “I thought what if we celebrated the end of the world and just had a big party?” he grins.

Listen to ‘Dirty Air’ by Two Door Cinema Club on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

The band’s first album to be released in full collaboration with Prolifica Inc, False Alarm finds the three piece gloriously unshackled and creatively at the peak of their game.

Across ten tracks False Alarm scans and satirises the social and environmental woes of 2019 through the prism of wonderfully off-kilter pop, simultaneously borrowing from and warping elements of future pop, disco, rock, funk and soul.

Recorded in sessions between London and LA with producer Jacknife Lee (U2, REM, The Killers), it’s an LP that takes the familiar and twists it, to startling and stimulating effect. It all makes for a wide-eyed, culture-encompassing leap forward for the band, a record liable to break, ruin and remould pop in 2019.

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