Underworld drop ‘Soniamode’ from second part of ‘Drift’ project


Underworld have released the latest track from their Drift project, ‘Soniamode’.

The song features voice chants with the innocent menace of a 50’s playground rhyme, carried along by the tumbling celebration of a brass band playing Glitch as it hot steps through the streets of New Orleans.

The new singles release comes on the back of Underworld announcing details of ATOM – the film and audio resolution to the second episode of their on-going Drift series.

Listen to ‘Soniamode’ by Underworld on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

DRIFT started as a journey with no fixed destination; an experiment and a very public investigation of new working processes.

Underworld began their year-long Drift project in November 2018. A public experiment in creativity and possibility, Drift sees the band releasing material on Thursday each week via their website.

During each Drift episode, music and film are often created and mixed reactively to the previous week’s work, and the material collected together to form Drift episodes. At the end of each episode, all parts are fused together into a single resolve told in music, images and words. Between episodes, the band release previously unheard archive material, remixes and curios

Prior to their current project, the duo released a four-track EP Teatime Dub Encounters with punk rock icon Iggy Pop last summer.

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