Singer-songwriter UPSAHL drops brand new single ‘STOP!’


American singer-songwriter UPSAHL has released her latest earworm anthem, ‘STOP!’, out now via Arista Records.

The release of the single comes closely on the heels of a whirlwind 2020 that saw her skyrocket past 100 million streams, critically-acclaimed trailblazer. An ode to the excitement and anxiety tied to attraction, ‘STOP!’ is UPSAHL at her best, complete with stellar production, an irresistible beat, and her signature unfiltered lyricism.

About the track, UPSAHL says “It’s a sexually empowering song about the feeling of attraction. Like you’re so attracted to somebody that your heart might STOP! I’m unapologetic about being a sexual person, so here’s a song about being horny and the thirst for another person”.

Listen to ‘STOP!’ by UPSAHL on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

‘STOP!’ follows the release of UPSAHL’s intoxicating remix of her fan-favourite viral hit Drugs’, featuring globally-renowned singer/songwriter/producer blackbear. A feel-good repudiation of clout-chasing culture, Drugs’ has catapulted the Phoenix, Arizona-born singer-songwriter’s influence on TikTok, with nearly 2,000,000 videos made using the track.

Reaching #6 on the TikTok Viral Chart and #1 Sound on the TikTok Trends chart, Drugs’ was featured in clips posted by the likes of James Charles, Charly Jordan, Alex French, Jason Derulo, and more. The track was also added to Spotify’s Teen Party (3.8m followers) and Pop Rising (2m followers) playlists, as well as Viral Hits playlists across Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music.

2020 was a standout year for UPSAHL, releasing her second EP Young Life Crisis, which Billboard crowned as one of the top 25 pop albums of 2020. Earlier in the year, the 22-year-old undertook her first co-write on Good in Bed’ for Dua Lipa’s Grammy-nominated chart-topping blockbuster, Future Nostalgia, and has continued to write for heavy-hitting artists, such as Anne-Marie.

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