Singer-songwriter Viji releases debut EP ‘Are You In My Head’


Austrian-Brazilian London-based singer-songwriter Viji has released her debut EP Are You In My Head via Dirty Hit.

To celebrate the release, Viji shares the video for the EP title track. She explains: “The song ‘Are You In My Head’ is about the internal struggle of relationships. Especially how little things can blow up in your head if you’re in a bad mood.

“An open tuning and weird chords go with the theme of indecisiveness. The video for the song is inspired by teen witch movies. Exorcism warning on the label. I’m genuinely so excited for everyone to hear it!”

Listen to ‘Are You In My Head’ by Viji on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Viji is the moniker of Austrian-Brazilian, London-based singer-songwriter Vanilla Jenner. She creates imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of alternative pop and lo-fi indie weirdness.

The unveiling of her full EP follows on from her debut singles ‘Cherry’ and ‘Unfair’ earlier this year.

On the EP release, Viji says: “The EP is the first body of work that I’ve ever brought out. I finished writing all the songs for it around this time last year, and then took a few months to record it. We were working nights mostly in the studio, and spent lots of time developing the sound of the project.

“The EP has 5 songs, and the last one’s my secret favourite. The sound is very raw, and we kept a lot of my tracks from the demos. It’s pop melodies over lofi indie chords. I nerded out and made a cute filter to go along the release, with a few more easter eggs still to come.”

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