A Workout Playlist Backed by Science


Looking for the ultimate workout playlist? If you exercise regularly enough, your personal soundtrack might get a little stale after a time. As your body can grow bored of the same workout day after day, the same principle applies to the music you use to power your workouts. Plus, how can you be certain the right mix of music is optimising your performance? You may love power ballads, but do they help on the treadmill?

The answer may lie in a science-backed workout playlist that will automatically update itself. NBC News recently asked a leading exercise scientist, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, to design the ultimate playlist to improve moods, increase the energy of participants and encourage a blissful state of flow.

Karageorghis, of London’s Brunel University, found in his research that adding the right beat can trick your mind into feeling less sleepy and more motivated. The trick is a mix of uplifting lyrics and tempo, gradually increasing the BPM, or beats-per-minute, from a warm-up around 85 BPM to the sweet spot, between 125 and 140 as you increase your intensity.

The Ultimate Workout Playlist features uptempo gym-friendly staples from Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Sia, The Chainsmokers and Bruno Mars. A selection designed to work with your heart rate, increasing and then leveling out around 140 BPM as exercise intensity increases.

“The playlist is designed to facilitate cool-down and post-exercise recuperation in order that the exerciser is left feeling suitably refreshed and revitalised.”

Check out the playlist below via Apple Music, and let us know in the comments section if it does the job!

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This article appeared originally on NBCNews.com.