Wretch 32 teams up with Giggs for latest release ’10/10′


Tottenham rap icon Wretch 32 unleashes his latest single ‘10/10’, which sees him joining forces with Peckham veteran Giggs for a heavyweight rap team-up.

Following the introspection of ‘Mummy’s Boy’, and the melodic whimsy of ‘Spin Around’, the third single from his forthcoming fifth studio album Upon Reflection sees Wretch serving up a master-class in flow, trading verses with Giggs over ominous production from P2J.

The first track Wretch recorded for the album, ‘10/10’ is a spectacle that rap fans will appreciate – two of the countries finest lyricists going head-to-head, bouncing off one another for inspiration.

Listen to ’10/10 (feat. Giggs)’ by Wretch 32 on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

“I think early on I was held in high regard and people saw that there was capability,” Wretch says of his status as one of the UK’s greats. “I think once I added success to the journey, that made it undeniable. Before that I was the people’s champ, but once people saw it getting over the line, they hadn’t pay dues.”

The trio of new tracks precede Upon Reflection, the fifth chapter in Wretch 32’s storied career which has already exceeded a decade.

The new album follows 2017’s FR32 and sees Wretch continuing to push class and maturity to the forefront, thriving in his singular uncompromising brand of songwriting that unites a diverse range of music fans with core rap listeners, thanks to intelligent wordplay and thought-provoking lyricism.

“I think now is where I’ve got to show bravery,” he says of the album. “Because the game is in a transition and it seems like people are possibly preferring quantity over quality. When you’re someone who represents quality and an element of class, I don’t actually think that will go out of fashion.”

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