Wretch 32 gives fans second glimpse of new album with ‘Spin Around’ single


Tottenham rap icon Wretch 32 strikes again to give another glimpse into his new album with second single ‘Spin Around’.

Following ‘Mummy’s Boy’ which had him redefining a term that’s followed him throughout his life, the second single from his forthcoming fifth studio album Upon Reflection, ‘Spin Around’ is an infectious melody-driven song produced by 169 (Dave, Headie One, Mabel).

The whimsical, feel good track demonstrates an often hidden aspect of Wretch’s personality as he lets loose and enjoys himself.

Listen to ‘Spin Around’ by Wretch 32 on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

‘Spin Around’ is a vibe man,” he says. “There’s so many different sides to me; there’s a real serious one, an emotional one and there’s a fun side, which I probably show the least.

“Something that was said to me early on was that, ‘You are a very serious person, but you find a lot of s*** funny, and you make a lot of people laugh. There is a different side to you that you don’t really show in your music.’ So throughout the rest of my journey I’ve always found it important to show them elements of colour. ‘Spin Around’ is just the bright element.”

Released over the past fortnight ‘Spin Around’ and ‘Mummy’s Boy’ mark Wretch’s return since late 2017’s ‘FR32’ album. Wretch has remained prolific in the meantime with a string of show-stealing guest appearances for the likes of Giggs, Knucks, Ghetts, Rukhsana Merrise and Mercston.

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