Berlin DJ duo YouNotUs share own interpretation of Liquido’s ‘Narcotic’


In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Narcotic’, Berlin-based and multi-platinum awarded DJ and producer duo YouNotUs is releasing a new version of Liquido’s world hit.

Choosing a more contemporary approach of ‘Narcotic’, their version features Janieck (Lost Frequencies, Alle Farben) who wrote new lyrics to the original song, and none other than Liquido front man SENEX, alias Wolfgang Schrödl.

YouNotUs are surprising their listeners with a refined reinterpretation of this classic, that manages to veil its origins at first. Unlike the original with its distinctive Synthesizer hook that blurted it straight out, YouNotUs convey plugged guitars, layered piano chords and light percussion resolving in an overall smoother rework of ‘Narcotic’.

Listen to ‘Narcotic’ by YouNotUs x Janieck x Senex on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

“When I wrote the song in the nineties, I had never imagined it could become a classic one day, but I was always convinced that it would be reinterpreted by the right people someday.” says Wolfgang Schrödl aka Senex, As I was contacted by YouNotUs, I knew the time had come.”

There are some melodies, that will ingrain in your collective memories forever. Undeniably, the hook of the track “Narcotic” is among them.

In 1999, the German alternative-rock band Liquido was catapulted into the charts with the above-mentioned song and catered for millions of people to remember the incredibly catchy and immensely powerful melody.

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