Youth Of The Apocalypse build to debut mixtape with single ‘In The Future’


Riotous hip-hop/rock hybrid YOTA : Youth Of The Apocalypse, premiere their new song, ‘In The Future’ with a debut mixtape expected in early 2019

‘In The Future’, recorded in Los Angeles with producer Kool Kojak, is the second single from YOTA : Youth Of The Apocalypse, lifted from the band’s debut debut mixtape.

This follows the success of first ever track, ‘Drop The Bomb’ featuring MF Doom, which saw YOTA amass considerable Radio 1 plays and play an immediately-sold-out headline show at London’s XOYO (where they were joined on stage by Noel Gallagher).

Listen to ‘In The Future’ by Youth Of The Apocalypse on the Official Fantasy Premier League Music playlist on Spotify.

Having since supported Kasabian, appeared at Demon Dayz festival and continued work on their upcoming album, YOTA will announce further live and collaborative plans soon.

On the track itself, YOTA said, “This was the song that first began to give the band our identity; a track that showed what could be achieved if we put our collective strengths together.”

‘In The Future’ ultimately asks the question, “can you feel the virtual world of tomorrow coming, or are we already there?”

When Jeff Wootton (lead guitarist of Gorillaz) and Jamie Reynolds (formerly of Klaxons) decided to hang out and make music together, neither of them could have envisaged the chaos that would ensue.

Reynolds had just built a studio in his London home, and, inspired by the recent release of Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’, the pair of them fell almost headfirst into a blackhole of fizzing ideas and notions.

When they finally emerged into the daylight two weeks later, Reynolds and Wootton had a band name, a concept, a creative direction and a wealth of songs. From this fiery frenzy, YOTA : Youth of the Apocalypse was born.

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