Zuzu takes inspiration from Children’s TV classic for latest single ‘Dark Blue’


Enigmatic indie pop-rocker Zuzu follows up the release of her debut EP earlier this year with her brand new single ‘Dark Blue’.

The Liverpool-based performer is the definition of a millennial artist; a visibly confident front person, songwriter, producer, director, actor and comic book illustrator; starring and orchestrating all her videos, recording a considerable amount of her music at her home studio.

Zuzu‘s latest track comes following the release of her four-track debut EP ‘Made On Earth By Humans’, which came out on Virgin/EMI on June 22.

Listen to ‘Dark Blue’ by Zuzu on on the Official Fantasy Premier League Music playlist on Spotify.

The 23-year old’s new single ‘Dark Blue’ is a song she’s been sitting on for a while “The first version of this song came on the scene about five years when me and my guitarist got super inspired by watching an episode of ‘The Clangers’ an old stop motion kids TV programme form the late 60’s early 70’s” says Zuzu “He’s American so had never heard of it before. From there the song naturally developed into a ballad dedicated to planet earth!”

Her boundary pushing mentality feeds into the psyche of the city of Liverpool, which has long been imbued with a spirit of fierce independence, unwavering loyalty and creative genius.

All the same magic that defined the likes of The La’s, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Zutons, The Coral and Cast are visible in Zuzu’s music, which, to some degree, are indebted to her surroundings; a city of jesters, jongleurs, troubadours, artists, poets and visionaries.

She is also set to perform at her first headline shows next month, with gigs at The Water Rats in King’s Cross, London and at Jacaranda Records in Liverpool.

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