Zuzu urges everyone to show pride in who they are on new single ‘Get Off’


Singer-songwriter Zuzu shares her new single ‘Get Off’, a loud-and-proud statement of defiance.

The track urges the listener embrace everything you are and live the life you want.

“The sentiment of the song is about getting frustrated with other people’s judgements and criticism on how you choose to live your life,” Zuzu explains. “It’s me trying to speak my mind at a time when I felt super judged.”

Listen to ‘Get Off’ by Zuzu on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.


‘Get Off’ has steadily become a personal anthem for the Liverpudlian “It’s been an important song in my life for a long time and is just as relevant to me now as the day I wrote it.”

In Zuzu’s world world, comic books, strong female icons and massive power-pop riffs are the only things that matter – and she’s out to zap anyone who says otherwise with her own special power: sharp, self-aware indie-pop bangers.

She has established herself as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Liverpool over the past year and her highly-charged live shows, powered by enormous indie-pop hooks and driving riffs, are set to conquer indie discos.

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