Zuzu shares video for first single of 2020 ‘Skin And Bone’


Zuzu is ready to start the year with her new and personal single ‘Skin And Bone’ along with its accompanying video, which is out now on Virgin Records.

“Skin and bone is a song I started when I was a kid but took me a long time to pluck up the courage to finish and put out.” says Zuzu on the new single It’s about the subtle and not so subtle forms of abuse through the eyes of a teenager.

With its frank and jarring lyrics against the Liverpudlian’s recognisable indie-pop backdrop, ‘Skin and Bone’ is an empowering, yet emotional track about abusive relationships.

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Combining heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics with singalong melodies struck a chord, particularly with young girls and women. “It gets me in my heartstrings when kids message me on Instagram,” she says. “People saying, ‘I’m going through a s**t time and I just broke up with my first boyfriend, and your music helped me.’ This business can be so hard sometimes, and stuff like that reminds you why you’re doing it.”

Zuzu hopes people listen to her music and feel empowered. Not in the coopted, commercialised sense of the word, but “in the sense that they’re not alone and they’re not wrong”.

As for where she hopes to go from here, Zuzu has big plans. “I used to say I just wanna be able to keep making music, but I’ve set my sights a bit higher. If you don’t tell yourself that you can go all the way, then no one else is gonna believe you.

“I think as a woman, you’re told all the time to stay in your line. I was very timid because I felt out of my depth. And I realise now that I’m not. I’m not out of my depth. I deserve to be here just as much as anyone else. Why not? I’ve worked hard.”

And that hard work is paying off, having sold out her last UK tour including Camden Assembly, with her incredible live shows are a must see – raw, electric, and intimate.

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